• More than 5 years experience
    in dental tourism

  • We install more than
    100 implants per month

  • Warranty on our implants

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+420 775 228 282

Our doctors speaks three languages - English, Russian, Czech.


Diagnostics and implantation in one day
£385 for 1 implant installation

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  • We can help you to book apartments next to our clinic in 5* (4*) hotel (located only 50 meters from our clinic.)

  • Furthermore, we can offer a professional guide in Prague.

  • We'll transform your medical trip to Prague into a beautiful and unforgettable journey!

Minimal expenses in implantation

Implant installation


1 visit



1 visit



2 visit

Crown on implant


2 visit

Implant systems and their prices

Nobel Replace Implant
Axis Biodental
Astra Tech
Medentica Implant
  Titanium Zirconium Zirconium + Titanium Titanium
Implant installation £615 £580 £580 £385
Gingivaformer £62 £100 £62 £62
Abutment £155 £162 £155 £155
Crown £225-£290 £225-£290 £225-£290 £225
Total cost £1057-£1122 £1067-£1132 £1022-£1087 £827

How to apply?

  1. Register on our web page
  2. Send us your panoramic Xray, (if you have one) to: info@dentaltravelprague.com
  3. Within 24 hours you will receive an introductory treatment plan and and cost plan
  4. We can arrange aiport transfers and hotel accommodation
  5. Consultation using CT and 3D planning
  6. Implantation and provisional construction manufacturing
  7. Crowns on implants after 3-4 months healing period

Our Team

Viktor Levchenko

Viktor Levchenko,
chief of the BioDent clinic,
master technician

Dr. Ivan Kolesnikov

Dr. Ivan Kolesnikov,
Oral Surgeon, Implantologist

Dr. Michael Livshyts

Dr. Michael Livshyts,
Implantologist and,
General Practitioner

Dr. Rostislav Sufijarov

Dr. Rostislav Sufijarov,
General Practitioner

Dr. Vasili Kharashun

Dr. Vasili Kharashun,
General Practitioner, Prosthetist

Advantages of implantation in our clinic

  1. STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System® unit and The Wand handpiece make the visit anxiety-free and more comfortable for you and your family
  2. The price for the implantation includes all the necessary medicines
  3. Every implantation is provided with the CT and 3D planning
  4. Using the CAD/CAM technologies provides maximum precision
  5. Implantation Warranty: in the the case of a unsuccessful implant integration – a second implantation will be carried out at no extra cost

Our Work

Features of the Biodent Clinic

  • Short terms from the treatment up to the implantation and prosthetics
  • Cone Beam CT within the clinic
  • Complex and non-standard cases solutions
  • Implantation and diagnosis in one day
  • Modern methods of anesthesia including sedation
  • Dental laboratory within the clinic
  • Our clinic and laboratory have the ISO 2009 certificate
  • All the prosthetic work(crowns,bridges, etc.) is made with the CAD/CAM technology

Feedback from our patients

All on four

Any questions you may have please email us
and we will answer you query within 3 hours

dropmefiles.com (in the text of the question, add a link to your file)


Czech Republic

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Phone: +420 775 228 282

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